Getting Started in Martial Arts at Kuk Sool Won Kirkcaldy

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Getting Started

We’d love to help you get started in martial arts with classes here at Kuk Sool Won of Kirkcaldy!

We offer all new students 1 week of free lessons, giving you the chance to try out a few classes, letting you see what we teach, how we structure classes and get to know us a little. If you or your child is ready to get started, get in touch now and we’ll schedule a few Introductory Lessons for you. Getting Started in Martial Arts!

We know that for some of you jumping right in may feel a little daunting. Here are some options for dipping your in toes first:

  • Drop us an email or give me us a call. It doesn’t oblige you to that Introductory Lesson. If you ask a few questions you’ll start to get a feel for us.
  • Visit our Blog or Facebook Page. There you’ll be able to read more about the club and you’ll find information on all kinds of things. From workout tips to our social events, to what it’s like to compete at a Tournament. Do a little reading and get back to us if you like what you see.

We’d love to support you on your journey, please let us know what we can do to help. Getting Started in Martial Arts at Kuk Sool Won Kirkcaldy. Call or email today and get started right away with 1 week of Free classes for kids and adults.

Get Your Kids More Active

Are you a parent searching for positive ways to counterbalance your children from watching TV, playing computer games and other areas? View our kids classes.

Whilst achieving all of these aims your child will also have fun taking part in high energy classes and along the way will make lots of new friends.

All our classes are highly supervised and taught by qualified, insured, background checked, experienced instructors. Martial arts classes are by their nature contact activity and your child’s safety is paramount, your child will never be made to perform any movement that would put them in danger.

Our classes are not a child minding service. Our goal is to teach martial arts and life skills that will last a forever.

To take advantage of the week of free lessons simply call or email Graeme on:
07817 460 635

About the author

About the author

Graeme Temple, a dedicated martial artist with more than two decades of experience, holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in Kuk Sool Won. He founded the martial arts club in Kirkcaldy back in 2011, and since then, it has flourished remarkably under his guidance. With a remarkable sporting journey spanning over 30 years, Graeme has achieved Gold medals at prestigious events, including Scottish, UK, European, and World Championships. Additionally, Graeme is a highly sought-after Sports Therapist, practicing at his Sports Injury Clinic located in Strive, Kirkcaldy. He takes great pleasure in imparting his extensive knowledge and expertise to his students.