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Kuk Sool Won Martial Arts School Owner &

Master Instructor

Graeme Temple Martial Art School owner - Kuk Sool Won

GRAEME TEMPLE – School Owner & Master Instructor

5th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor

Graeme started in 1999 and was instantly hooked on this highly physical yet technical martial art. Graeme continued to train over the following years, working his way up through the belts and in 2005 he was awarded his 1st Degree Black Belt, by the founder of Kuk Sool Won, Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh. It was from this point that Graeme realised that his training in Kuk Sool had only just begun. His dedication to being the most complete martial artist possible earns him the respect of his fellow practitioners and allows him to be a highly knowledgeable and insightful teacher.


His passion for Kuk Sool Won is evident in his motivational teaching style and hopes that his enthusiasm, in turn, inspires his students in the class. Graeme is also particularly interested and gifted in the self-defence aspect of training in martial arts, for which Kuk Sool Won is unsurpassed. Besides the physical training, Kuk Sool Won has given Graeme so much more, including the opportunity to travel, meet so many great people and instilled in him greater understanding, respect and purpose.


In 2007 Graeme relocated to London to further his training under Master Nick Reeve (6th Degree Black Belt). Graeme gained many improvements in his training under Master Nick’s instruction, guidance and vast experience. Master Nick is recognised as one of the most talented martial artists and instructors and regularly travels around the world teaching seminars. This close relationship with Master Nick has also meant that Graeme has had the opportunity to travel around the UK, Europe and Korea gaining instruction from many of the best Kuk Sool instructors and masters. Experience and knowledge that he is now giving back to the next generation of Martial Arts students in Kirkcaldy.


Graeme has an abundance of experience as an athlete, competing in a variety of sports and activities at local, national and international levels since his teens. These experiences led Graeme to become a Sports Therapist and Biomechanics Coach and now runs a health and wellness business called Strive alongside his wife Carrie who is a Nutrition Coach. As such he has extensive knowledge of movement, stretching, fitness and nutrition which will enhance your martial arts training.

All our instructors are professional and fully insured with Disclosure Scotland and PVG checks.

If you have any questions about Kuk Sool Won or our classes please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

2nd Degree Black Belt Instructors

Thomas Evangelopoulos Kuk Sool Won Training in Kirkcaldy


2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor

Thomas was born in Greece and moved to the UK 15 years ago. He discovered Kuk Sool Won in September 2011 and instantly became interested in this Korean martial art. He successfully completed all the under Black Belt training over 5 years and was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt in May 2016.

Thomas has an outgoing personality and this is reflected in the way he engages with new students. He has the ability to explain the art and teach to accommodate the needs of every individual. Thomas has won 1st Degree Black Belt Grand Champion twice and has started testing for 2nd Degree Black Bel. Outside class Thomas’s other interests are his love of travel and photography.

Jamie Tervet Kuk Sool Won Black Belt Training


2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor

Jamie began training at Kuk Sool Won of Kirkcaldy in March 2012. Gaining his 1st Degree Black Belt in May 2016 Jamie has seen various benefits from his participation in Kuk Sool Won. Jamie has won 1st Degree Black Belt Grand Champion and is now testing for 2nd Degree Black Belt.

I remember whenever my school teachers would ask me what I wanted to be when I was older, I would tell them a Ninja Turtle. Nothing’s changed.

Kuk Sool Won has fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a comprehensive martial artist, like Raphael. It’s a creative lifestyle I embrace as it’s given me a better understanding of what it means to challenge myself and accomplish physical and technical challenges and abilities, never thought possible.

I am now self-motivated enough to inspire myself, but more importantly, inspire others. Being the change in someone else for the better is an immeasurable reward.

I have won championships and lost them too, but it’s the one’s I’ve lost I’ve learnt the most from. I am the clubs most active, and successful competitor, acquiring at least one gold medal from every competition from white belt to black belt, including multiple Grand Champ medals.

I reach people all over the world through the mutual connection of Kuk Sool Won. I can start a conversation with someone I’ve just met, but talk with them for hours as if we’ve known each other for years because we have a common bond.

Thomas Evangelopoulos Kuk Sool Won Training in Kirkcaldy


2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor

Justine began her Kuk Sool journey a year after the Kirkcaldy club opened in August 2012 with her husband Robert after deciding to move on from the equestrian world. She felt she needed something that would fill the void and provide more than just a mundane workout at a local gym and Kuk Sool has provided far more than she imagined.

From competing all over the UK to travelling to Houston, Texas, USA to compete in the 2018 World Championships, whilst 6 months pregnant!

She very much enjoys the ‘art’ side of Kuk Sool Won, however, due to Justine’s occupation as a Police Officer she knows the value of the ‘martial’ aspect and tries never to shy away from sparring, grappling and throwing, at which she excels.

Kuk Sool Won has encouraged Justine to get fit, stay fit, enjoy finding new workouts and challenges which enhance her Kuk Sool training.

Justine’s hope is to become a member of the European Women’s Demo Team and see where it takes her next…

Author Scott McManus


2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor

Bryan started his Kuk Sool journey in early 2013, he always loved martial arts as a child but never had the confidence to attend classes, it wasn’t until later adulthood that he realised that he was missing out on something meaningful to him and his physical fitness was lacking. He’d heard about Kuk Sool Won through his sister-in-law Lyne who is a student at Kuk Sool Won of Livingston and decided to go along to his first class and has never looked back since.

After a couple of months of training, whilst still a White Belt, Bryan was really unfortunate to pick up an injury, he dislocated his knee doing a kick, but that didn’t hold him back! After his 6 weeks off training, doing his rehab at home and at the side of class, he recovered and returned fully fit to training. 6 years later he was promoted to First Degree Black Belt and is now training towards his Second Degree Black Belt.

2nd Degree Black Belts

Faceless Kuk Sool Won black belt. Could this be you?


2nd Degree Black Belt

In March 2012 Evka decided she needed to get active as she sat a lot at work and felt she was getting lazy and unfit. She tried classes at the gym but couldn’t see the point in the exercise without a purpose.

After looking around Kuk Sool Won appeared to be a perfect fit for her needs, so she joined a class, on what turned out to be Jamie’s very first class too. And so her journey began.

Evka has fallen in love with the martial art of Kuk Sool Won because of the variety of material she learns and that every class is different. She’s noticed significant improvements in her self-confidence by learning all aspects of martial arts, she’s also increased her strength and flexibility.

She thinks the Kirkcaldy club is quite special because of the students and instructors who’re all so helpful and supportive.

Her future goals are to get more teaching experience so that she can help her fellow students, improve her weapons skills and develop her flexibility further.

Evka says “join our club, it’s an awesome life-changing experience!”

Author Scott McManus


2nd Degree Black Belt

Scott studied a number of martial arts since he was a child. When he moved back to Fife however he found himself without any classes to attend. After 2 years his fitness had declined and he was generally unhappy with the direction he was going. He was introduced to Kuk Sool Won in June 2013 and was immediately taken in by the variety and scope of the syllabus.

Kuk Sool is such a comprehensive art, there truly is something for everyone and always another avenue for personal growth. Whether you want to get fit, get stronger, increase flexibility, gain confidence, ease social anxieties or build personal resilience, Kuk Sool Won Kirkcaldy is the place to do it. Everyone comes for their own reasons, and egos are not tolerated so you will always be made to feel welcome, however many classes you can attend.

Scott values his Kuk Sool Family as he knows he wouldn’t be where he was without them. Becoming a black belt was a childhood dream for him, and putting all the hard work in to achieve it taught him that whatever your goal, with enough effort anything is achievable. Moreover, whatever life might throw at him, he knows he’s overcome harder!

1st Degree Black Belts

Ronan Roy Kuk Sool Won black belt training in Kirkcaldy


1st Degree Black Belt

I had always wanted to study martial arts but never quite got round to it. After a major knee op I had been going to the gym for rehab and seen an advert for kuk sool won and thought why not. A decision I have never regretted, my only regret is not starting sooner!.

The club is really friendly with everyone willing to help each other. There is a huge variety to the classes which are challenging but fun as you are constantly pushed to the next level.

With a lot of help from Graeme and my fellow students I finally promoted to black belt at 44 and thanks to all my training I can honestly say this is the most flexible and conditioned I have ever been, oh and did I mention you get to kick people in the face!

Ronan Roy Kuk Sool Won black belt training in Kirkcaldy


1st Degree Black Belt

Can you write up a wee bit about yourself for the BB page on the website please!

Robert Waddell Kuk Sool Won Black Belt Kirkcaldy Fife


1st Degree Black Belt

Rob began his Kuk Sool journey a year after the Kirkcaldy club opened in August 2012 with his partner Justine.

Like many of his fellow students, Rob was a fan of martial arts movies from a young age and was inspired to join after reading about Kuk Sool Won online, this and a desire to get fitter, more flexible and loose weight. Rob knew after going to only his first class he was hooked.

Having worked in the Security Industry for over 15 years, Rob recognised the importance of finding a solid foundation and understanding of self-protection. Kuk Sool Won is a family oriented martial art and Rob enjoys training alongside his partner and his Kuk Sool Won Family.

One of Robs biggest passions is helping to teach, especially within the youth classes.

“When one teaches, two learn”.

Josh McAuley Kuk Sool Won Black Belt techniques


1st Degree Black Belt

Josh began training in Kuk Sool Won in 2012. Achieving his First Degree Black Belt was a dream he’d had since early childhood watching classic martial arts movies. He’d tried karate in his younger years but it didn’t provide a varied enough repertoire of techniques such as grappling or weapons which he also wanted to study.

At 16 years old Josh was one of the very first kids in the Youth classes, he subsequently progressed to the Adults classes and become our first Youth to Adult Black Belt.

Josh heard about Kuk Sool from a local gym he was attending and just had to try a class. From then on he says he was hooked. Kuk Sool training has helped Josh to become more disciplined, as well as improve his anxiety. It’s given him a means through which to channel any negative thoughts and emotions and turn them into something he loves.

He says the support he’s received from Graeme and the whole team has been second to none for some of his more personal battles.

Josh says “Inside and out, Kuk Sool Won Kirkcaldy has changed my life for the better.”

Robert Waddell Kuk Sool Won Black Belt Kirkcaldy Fife


1st Degree Black Belt

Greig started his martial arts journey in September 2014 after seeing his friend’s social media post about Kuk Sool Won.

He was intrigued as he’d been interested in starting martial arts for a while but hadn’t found what he was looking for. After reading more about Kuk Sool Won he went along to his first class, was instantly hooked and joined the club. Since then he has enjoyed competing in multiple tournaments and has even earned a few medals along the way.

Greig credits his progression through the belts and syllabus to his teacher Graeme and the rest of his training partners.

Greig says “whenever I’ve struggled there was always another friendly student or Black belt willing to help me through it. Everyone is super friendly and there is a close-knit vibe. There’s a real willingness from everyone in the club to help everyone be the best they can be and I love being a part of that.”

Robert Waddell Kuk Sool Won Black Belt Kirkcaldy Fife

Isha Aslam

1st Degree Black Belt

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Robert Waddell Kuk Sool Won Black Belt Kirkcaldy Fife


1st Degree Black Belt

Can you write up a wee bit about yourself for the BB page on the website please!

Stewart Gray Kuk Sool Won Black Belt


1st Degree Black Belt

Stewart is tied to the club because he’s related to Graeme the school owner, they’re cousins. He can never quit because Graeme knows where he lives!

Ronan Roy Kuk Sool Won black belt training in Kirkcaldy


1st Degree Black Belt

“Wow! Who’s that dude with the amazing kicks?” – every new student ever

Ronan started Kuk Sool Won in January 2014 and immediately fell in love with it. He was introduced by a friend who brought him along to a free class. His unsure nerves quickly settled when he realised how friendly and supportive everyone was. Fascinated by how massive the art is and how knowledgeable the teacher seems, he knew at the time that this very first class was the start of a life-long journey.

My favourite aspect of Kuk Sool is the personal growth I get from being part of an evolving team. Everyone is there to learn and become better versions of themselves, and to help each other do the same. The ego is left at the door as we all understand that we’re at different levels of knowledge and can learn something from everybody.

Ronan earned his black belt in May 2019 after an intense few months of learning and training. He’s probably still buzzing about that as you’re reading this…

Kuk Sool has given Ronan not only unwavering confidence in his ability to whoop booty, but also confidence in his communication and leadership skills. He hopes to one day open a school of his own and pass down his understanding of the traditional martial art that changed his life.

Faceless Kuk Sool Won black belt. Could this be you?


Could you be our next Black Belt?

How would you like to become a Black Belt and see your life improve in all areas? Becoming a Black Belt is an amazing achievement that’ll transform your life in so many positive ways. What are you waiting for, get in touch to arrange your free trial lesson.

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Kuk Sool Won of Kirkcaldy hopes to provide you with first class martial art training in a friendly and safe environment. Come along and you will see how quickly all our students progress in all aspects of their training and professional standard which is set by our Black Belts, Instructors and senior students.


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